Слушая Сердце                  Agree, own heart — the best object to focus Your attention!!! 


 Any esoteric practice is preceded by putting himself in a state of mind, which may be called «all power to cast»…This same condition, if his practice regularly is the best means to combat a wide variety of stresses. That is, along with the purely physical relaxation of muscles more and disconnect all external stimuli. The most simple is to find a secluded place. But this is not all! The second stage of the complex: «all internal, not directly related to the implementation of the current exercises give up!» That is, constantly flowing to any person, the so-called «internal dialogue», should also be disabled. The habit is not easy. But, fortunately, there are tools to help in this matter. A lot of them, these tools to the common name of «RELAXATION TECHNIQUES». Not to be confused with the MEDITATION!One of the simplest techniques — learn to listen to the pulse of his own heart, just internally focused. After some training, you will clearly hear your pulse in any situation: in a car, on the street, under the roar of the radio etc. The process of transition from the usual state in the process of «hearing» their heart and there is a practical implementation of both phases I mentioned at the beginning.

Actually in my feelings it turns out so:

1. For the body find a stable position, which it does not lose, when I «go inside». Close my eyes. Relax muscles.

2. For about 5-10 seconds mentally concentrate on the left side of the chest (within, of course), I can imagine, how much and rhythmically declining my heart.

3. Expand the mental attention on the left corner of the left eye!??? (I do here is most clearly gradually appears the feeling of the pulse. Look, You have it can be somewhere in the other place). It takes 10-15 seconds.

4. Listen……the feeling of the pulse is gradually expanding, captures all the big parts of the body, hands, goes down to the tips of your toes, and you notice that another boost the heart to peripheral areas comes with a distinctly noticeable lag.

5. Steps 2, 3, 4 pass on a background of sincere gratitude to his heart, for his faithful service. Internal worry, tightness and the fear disappear without a trace.

6. As a result of these concerted action and supervised the result I find myself in a state the source for the beginning of the esoteric exercises. At the same time know that the heart beats exactly and ready for some loads.

7. The physical body remains only to take the necessary starting position, but this is a separate conversation.





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